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How I met My Golden Boots

I found him where I least expected!

It was a Wednesday afternoon, the first week of January, I had new resolutions and one of them was:  meeting my other half and starting a family. I really meant it. I had no idea how and where I would find him but I certainly was ready. I had been single for 4 years and had not dated much. After coming out of a long term relationship I really didn't know how to get back "in the game", the dating scene was completely different. I was nervous. I didn't know where to start and my friends kept pressuring me to start 'online.' I kept thinking "Oh I don't think so!" I resisted that idea for a while because I really wanted to meet him organically.

Around that same time, a friend of mine shared something that stuck with me. She said that "by making myself available online to meet my partner doesn't necessarily mean I will meet him online, it is the action of doing something different that can cause me to meet him somewhere else." I thought about it and I knew she had a great point. Then I thought, "what the heck, what do I have to lose?" and I did it. I found every single free dating app available and I signed up! Tinder, Bumble, you name it I was on it!

At first, I was so embarrassed my friends would see me there, and I got over it. I was on a mission! I did it. I went on dates, I met many good men, and to be honest I was surprised and impressed. After hearing a few horror stories about online dating I didn't know what to expect. I did it for about 3 months. I made myself available to go on many coffee dates but I still could not fully connect with any of these guys.

Going back to that Wednesday afternoon, it was about 3:00 pm and I get a phone call from a guy I had played soccer with a couple years back asking me to come play for his co-ed team that same night. They were short girls and needed my help.  My very first feeling was excitement! I wanted to play again and I was so excited for the opportunity, but my very next feeling was major anxiety. My exact thoughts were, "I am not a good player, I haven't played in a couple years, I only have a few hours notice and I don't know anyone on the team! aghhh..." But a louder voice inside my heart said, "Daniela go!" and so I did.

I arrived to the game 15 mins late, I got lost finding the field and I was even more nervous now. I finally arrived and then I'm told our team is winning 1-0. Within seconds the first girl needs a sub. It's my turn to play and I am SO scared! I start playing. I am still nervous and 5 mins into it, we get a corner kick. I am standing by the net, pretending to be useful when suddenly a guy from the opposite team turns around, looks at me in the eye and says "You realize you're never getting the ball, right?" - I look at him, my heart almost fell. I had no idea what to say. I was even more scared now, so I smiled awkwardly and kept playing. I didn't know what to think. Was this guy being a jerk or did I just not get his joke? I have only been playing for 5 mins, did he notice I suck? Am I that nervous? I had no clue but I kept playing with all the voices in my head. Within minutes here he was following me on the field and teasing me. Then I got it, he's not making fun of me, he wants my attention. That 'attention' game I thought I knew how to play. I tried to get rid of him. The more I asked him to leave me alone the more excited he was. He seriously drove me crazy! I couldn't get rid of him. Within minutes of teasing me, he scored a goal, looked at me and smiled - I was not impressed.. and then within minutes he scored another 2 goals and each time he made sure I had noticed. You can imagine how I was feeling by then. NOT happy and even more embarrassed.

Not only this guy was winning, but my team noticed and were wondering what the heck was going on. I was so embarrassed!

That continued on for the entire season, 3 months to be exact. Every time I played against this #7 Golden Boots, I was not only teased by him but also teased by my teammates. I didn't know anything about this guy, not even his name. He wasn't even my type (so I thought.) I was not interested in him. All I knew was that he was a good player and an annoying one too.

At the very end of the season we played our final playoff game against his team and yes they won that game too. By this time, I was secretly enjoying all the teasing and all the attention.

That day, I had a feeling he was going to ask me out. I just felt it. At the end of the game he came up to me and asked me if I was playing the next season. I said yes, and he asked me if I would want to join his team because they needed new girls, and my exact words were "Are you sure you want me?" his response "I am positive!" We both smiled and I walked away knowing that was a big lie. I am not a good player and the girls on his team are way better than me. But why didn't he ask me out? I was a bit disappointed, mostly because I wouldn't see him anymore. The season was over, they would be bumped into another division. "Oh well" I thought, that was fun.

Don't be disappointed! It wasn't over...

First game of the next season, here we are playing against his team! As soon as I saw that, I had a big permanent smile on my face. I was excited! I had no idea I would be this excited but I was!

Not even 5 mins into the game, he comes up to me and says "So Daniela, where are you taking me on our first date?" I could see he was a bit nervous, it was cute.. and I responded "You're taking ME out on our first date!" Then he  said "ok, Sunday 3:00 pm." Yep, my heart dropped. I wish someone took a picture of my face. I did not expect that at all, I turned all red and for the life of me I could not play for the entire rest of the game.

That Sunday we had our very first date. It lasted 6 hours. We went for a very long walk on the seawall and grabbed dinner after. It was perfect in so many ways. Since that day, #7 Golden Boots and I have been together & are happily married!

Those 3 months of being teased on the field by Golden Boots were the same 3 months I went on those dates with people I met online. Here I was searching, going on all these dates meanwhile "the one" was right there in front of me, every Wednesday night! In the end, by taking that one different action and letting the universe know I was ready and serious about this, I ended up meeting him organically and in the cutest way!


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